Salaam Centre launches Muhammad For All campaign

People of all faiths appreciate the initiative

Thousands of non-Muslims have been receiving copies of Quran and basic Islamic literature through ‘Quran For All’ campaign by Salaam Centre. Along with this another campaign ‘Muhammnad For All’ have been launched. For the campaign, most effective and costly medium of advertisement–outdoor hoardings are being used. Around twenty five prominent outdoor hoardings on the important roads are carrying bold message ‘Read…. The Life of Muhammad The Prophet For All.’ According to Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre the response is more than expections. Thousands of Hindus, Christians and even Jews had called and expressed their interest in reading Life of Prophet.

15 Responses

  1. burhan masood working in hal staying in j. p nagar 3rd phase blore 78 says:

    it is an excellent work what you have done by displaying the hordings of our beloved prophet mohammed sallaoalahiosallam pbuh who was the nabee-a-rasool for the whole of humanity to be known to the world and the whole of mankind to read and understand his preachings and teachings and follow them and to inplement them. may almighty allah reward your nobal and good work in this world and the world hereafter ameen.

  2. Abdul Waheed says:

    I am very much pleased to see the hoardings all over my place in bangalore with name written in big blocks of our beloved prophet muhammed (s.a.w), even i am eager to read and know abt his life and learn how to lead a life from his teachings, he is a teacher for all mankind….may Allah have peace and blessings upon him, his family, his children, his companions and on all brothers and sisters who follow his teachings….Aameen

  3. Shahnawaz Mazumder says:

    Excellent job ,Salaam Centre

  4. Sahab Chauhan says:

    Dear Salaam Centre,

    I love the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and had ever thought to spread his message to the world.

    I have no words to praise for your this mission. All I can do is to pray for its success.

    My request—> Please spread your wings in other cities too, esp. metros as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The humanity is in pains and the life of Prophet (pbuh) is the only solution.
    Blessed be you all.

  5. fakrunisa banu says:

    i will like to say u have done a great job this is the must be done by every one but we had become so irresponsible in this matter we are forgetting what we are and what we have to do but this is a hope and a encouraging thing u have done thanks to all the have done a such a excellent work. ins-ha Allah this will never stop it will continue like a fragrance.

  6. HASANSAB A. NADAF says:

    Assalamu walaikum

    Before reaching to other cities of India, spread islamic message through pamphlets to all mosques in each village of Karnataka in pure Kannada language. Make such arrangement to reach every friday in all Masjids..

    Jazakhalla Khairun

  7. Sahil Shaikh says:

    Masha Allah,

    High time someone presented this truth to our Hindu brothers. Very god initiative to touch upon the learned.

    May Allah give u the strength to come with more initiatives.

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